Intellectual Property

Helping to protect products and brands

Speak to us in confidence

We are not legal experts. However, we do have practical knowledge to guide on the protection of your product from both a legal and branding standpoint. Our advice is particularly valued for clients who are hesitant over protecting an idea but want to know how to develop a brand that builds the best form of longevity and product protection – loyal consumers.

If it is determined that a Patent is the most suitable for you, we have developed partnerships with specialist patenting experts who will review your idea for free in the first instance. We trust our partners to provide you with an honest assessment of the  ‘worth’ of investing in protection which we then  balance with our own view on both the commercial viability and competitive landscape that the product is targeting.

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your idea and guarantee to give you an honest opinion on whether, on our view,  it is worth proceeding with the idea. Should we ultimately work together, all of the Intellectual Property that we may generate by the creation of a brand or copywriting material remains 100% yours at all times.

We have links to attorneys with a wide range of specialisms across different industry sectors, including:

  • Textile products
  • Sports and outdoor products
  • Apps and software
  • Mother & child
  • Consumer electronics
Protecting brands with a registered trademark

Most businesses invest a lot of time and money into creating brands that appeal to their consumers and helps set its products or services apart from their direct competitors. The strongest form of protection for a brand is a registered trademark. We work closely with Trademark Attorneys to provide an integrated approach towards the development of your brand identity, product name and logo.

We can help to guide you on the costs you should expect to pay for these services and provide you with introductions to specialists who can support you with:

  • Patent searches
  • Trademark searches
  • Design Registrations
  • Patenting advice
Brand Refinery works with a selection of Chartered Patent & Trademark Attorneys to ensure that we can offer informed advice on the various forms of Intellectual property protection. For further information please get in touch to discuss the best way that you might be able to protect an idea. All preliminary discussions will be held under NDA to ensure your confidentiality.
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